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6 May 2012

Tree Based Carbon Offsetscarbon offsets

By Noel McArdle

We provide our clients with Registered Carbon Offsets which are derived from newly planted woodland.  They enable our clients to become carbon neutral and offset their carbon footprint.

These offsets, also known as carbon credits, represent real biosequestered carbon from the atmosphere. They are not ‘Paper Offsets’ as issued by the Government which have neither sequestered any CO2 from the atmosphere, nor avoided emitting any CO2 emissions.  This avoids the unproductive situation of merely providing commerce and industry with a ‘permit to pollute’.

At the end of each Financial Year, we provide each client with a cadastral map showing the geographical location of their revegetated woodland.  Over its lifetime, this woodland will offset our clients’ carbon emissions.  In addition, we supply our clients with a photo history of the forest growth on a year-by-year basis.  Organisations may incorporate these into their annual reports, newsletters, blogs or promotional material.  In this manner, organisations can demonstrate their climate change credentials.

Additional Information on Tree-based Carbon Credits

Trees are a proven way of sequestering carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere.  They modify the adverse effects of climate change.

ECO, as Carbon Consultants, work with landowners and farmers to plant native woodland forests that meet Kyoto compliant standards of article 3.3 of the Kyoto Protocol for reafforestation.

These plantings revegetate marginal or degraded farm land so as to create a carbon sink.  These plantations are the basis of ECO’s carbon credits which offset our client’s carbon footprint.  This process is known as carbon farming.

All of our plantings are of a bio-diverse nature: This means that in addition to their primary carbon sequestration purpose, they also restore a bio-diverse mix of native forest consisting of upper story (trees); middle story (shrubs and bushes) and under story (such as native grasses which are eaten by native parrots).

In particular, ECO endeavours to link patches of remnant vegetation so as to form land corridors for native animals.

Under the Forest Property Act, this carbon sink is permanently registered, and legally secured, on the property’s certificate of title, at the Lands Titles Office.


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Carbon Offset Certificate

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